How to Start Selling

  1. You must have a valid California Life and Disability license.
  2. You must get 8 hours certification in long-term care insurance. This certification is valid for two years. Here are the options:
    1. Take an in-person class from a trainer in your area.
    2. Take an online class from one of the providers below. Make sure you get the 8-hour class that meets CA State CTQ requirements for long-term care (it will say so on the class outline).
  3. Since you’ll often sell less than lifetime benefits, you should also take the training for the California Partnership for Long-Term Care. This class must be taken in person. Some local providers are:
    1. Sandi Kruise:
    2. Tom Orr:
  4. Get appointed with our carriers. We work with an online service that allows you to go online once and enter all the information for all carriers you wish to sell. The process takes about 30 minutes.  You’ll need to fax us your insurance license and your Errors & Omissions insurance policy to complete your appointments.  You don’t need to complete the appointments in one sitting.
  5. Contact your BJFIM/Paradigm Marketing Representative for an overview of how we work. If you don’t have a Marketing Representative yet, contact Susan Blais at 818-883-8700, ext. 210, or 818-444-7757 direct.
  6. Attend our training seminars and online webinars to learn how to sell LTCi the 21st-century way and to keep abreast of breaking news in the LTCi industry.
  7. Review your client files and notify all your clients age 45 to 65 that you offer long-term care insurance. We have a number of marketing pieces available to make this simple for you, including pieces specifically for employer groups.