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Long-Term Care Plannning for People Who Failed to Plan

….One thing is certain; when your phone rings and the client WANTS long-term care insurance, it’s often too late to help them with traditional product options. Or, when you get the call asking if you can still get coverage for their mom or dad because they just moved them into a care facility, your heart sinks.

Lest We Forget ….

…..As I look back on our past successes, the one that stands out is the 10-pay corporate carve-out sale for owners of small companies. In an environment of increased income taxes, what better way can a business man or woman protect their personal assets with tax-deductible premiums and tax-free benefits?

A Long-Term Care Planning Solution for Impaired Risks and Some Declines

…All three of our PPA-qualified annuities offer simplified underwriting. This means that if the applicant can answer “no” to basic knock-out questions, pass a cognitive screen (usually over the phone) and has a prescription medication history consistent with the “no” answers to the knock-out questions, s/he will be suitable for this long-term care planning solution.

2014 Sprint Through the Finish LIne

….If you only need one reason to join us for our October sales training meetings keep reading. Long-term care planning is being transformed by life insurance policies with chronic illness-long-term care benefits. As estimated by the Society of Actuaries, 30% of life insurance policies already cover chronic illness. From a premium perspective, they are the fastest growing product segment in the world of long-term care planning.

Tax Deductible Premiums and Tax-Free Benefits for Business Owners

……Take this good news out to your clients; they’ll thank you for it.

Is The End of Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance Upon Us?

….Over the past two decades we have lived through the Roaring 20s of long-term care insurance. It’s been a great run, but now it is time to soberly reflect on what the next generation of long-term care planning solutions will be.

Field Guide to Long-Term Care Planning Success is HERE!

……Version 1 of our new Long-Term Care Planning Field Guide is now available to lead you to sales success.

What’s Your Entry Point?

….When discussing long-term care planning with your prospect, should you show them every possible product option? NO! You’ll confuse them and yourself. With all these new choices, suitability is the key driver and will primarily be based on what stage in life your prospect is and their “entry point” in the planning process.

LTCi Sales Success is Just a Mouse Click Away — Online Applications Are Here!

…NOW, in California, Texas and most other states you can utilize LifeSecure’s online application process. This means you can sell high quality LTCi over the phone, complete the application online and never touch a piece of paper.

If I Were To Design A Long-Term Care Insurance Product ……

….LifeSecure, now available in California (and most other states), is a “sleeper” in the long-term care insurance industry. A wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, LifeSecure offers a simplified product design at a very affordable price. Check out how FEW decision points agents and consumers have to consider when purchasing the LifeSecure product: