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Long-Term Care Plannning for People Who Failed to Plan

….One thing is certain; when your phone rings and the client WANTS long-term care insurance, it’s often too late to help them with traditional product options. Or, when you get the call asking if you can still get coverage for their mom or dad because they just moved them into a care facility, your heart sinks.

What Does the Genworth Breakdown Mean?

…. Genworth is not the long-term care insurance industry.

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation — A Summer of Long-Term Care Fun!

…..You see, my normally sure-footed spouse had a “lapse” of concentration, tripped, went airborne and landed on a rock, breaking her right femur in four places. So began our long-term care summer of fun!

Profitable Long-Term Care Insurance Sales

…..Doesn’t it make sense to put the HORSE IN FRONT OF THE CART by getting basic vital health information from the prospect before a proposal is presented? Who wants unpleasant surprises after the fact? The process will go much smoother, everyone’s valuable time will not be wasted and selling long-term care insurance becomes a profitable endeavor.

Producer Assist Comes to BJFIM

…. We have hundreds of agents and advisors in California who are eligible for Producer Assist. We will make every effort to reach out to you in a timely manner. However, if you’d like priority status, please email me and we will move you to the top of the list. We want to help those first who are eager to improve their bottom lines.

4 Compelling Reasons to Have Lunch With Me on February 25th

…..4 Compelling Reasons to Have Lunch With Me on February 25th — Give me a little of your time and I will open your eyes to the vast new opportunities in long-term care insurance.

2015 Long-Term Care Planning & Sales Success Summit — Discover Why NOW Is the Best Time to Discuss LTC Planning with Your Clients

Most know me to be a clear-eyed realist. I’ve seen the many ebbs and flows of the long-term care insurance [...]

A Long-Term Care Planning Solution for Impaired Risks and Some Declines

…All three of our PPA-qualified annuities offer simplified underwriting. This means that if the applicant can answer “no” to basic knock-out questions, pass a cognitive screen (usually over the phone) and has a prescription medication history consistent with the “no” answers to the knock-out questions, s/he will be suitable for this long-term care planning solution.

Takeaways From a Tough Week in Long-Term Care Insurance

….It’s not time to panic or to throw in the towel. If you’ve been selling long-term care insurance, be proud of the good work you’ve done. If you’re concerned about going forward, be glad we have responsible insurance companies who are taking appropriate actions to assure our policyholders that the promises that you and they have made, are kept.

Aggregation of Marginal Gains — The 1% Difference

…The key take-away of this concept is that you don’t have to make big changes to achieve new levels of success. Small incremental upgrades to your thinking, habits and business offering can add up to major increases in your bottom line.