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4 Compelling Reasons to Have Lunch With Me on February 25th

…..4 Compelling Reasons to Have Lunch With Me on February 25th — Give me a little of your time and I will open your eyes to the vast new opportunities in long-term care insurance.

2015 Long-Term Care Planning & Sales Success Summit — Discover Why NOW Is the Best Time to Discuss LTC Planning with Your Clients

Most know me to be a clear-eyed realist. I’ve seen the many ebbs and flows of the long-term care insurance [...]

Aggregation of Marginal Gains — The 1% Difference

…The key take-away of this concept is that you don’t have to make big changes to achieve new levels of success. Small incremental upgrades to your thinking, habits and business offering can add up to major increases in your bottom line.

“He That Lives Upon Hope Will Die Fasting”

…with profit margins being squeezed due to the demands and changes in the medical insurance world it is vital for you to maximize and leverage each client relationship.

Starting the Long-Term Care Planning Conversation

….Do you need to be a long-term care insurance specialist to speak effectively with your clients about planning for the risk? Not at all. It isn’t hard to make long-term care planning your second, third or fourth language.

2014 Sprint Through the Finish LIne

….If you only need one reason to join us for our October sales training meetings keep reading. Long-term care planning is being transformed by life insurance policies with chronic illness-long-term care benefits. As estimated by the Society of Actuaries, 30% of life insurance policies already cover chronic illness. From a premium perspective, they are the fastest growing product segment in the world of long-term care planning.

The Riddle of the Sphinx — Part I

….what’s the latest puzzle that I get to solve for you? Which long-term care planning solution is best suited to a specific prospect’s needs?

So What’s on Your Mind?

….One of the highlights of our Thought Leaders Symposium will be the interactive nature of the event. Formal presentations by our speakers will only be about 25 percent of time spent. The balance will be Q & A between the speakers, panel moderators, and you. As I design my questions for our presenters, what are some issues that I have in mind?

Top 10 Reasons to Register Today for The 2014 LTCi Thought Leaders Symposium

….We invite you to meet some of the most influential long-term care insurance industry leaders on January 30 at our 2014 LTCi Thought Leaders Symposium. Here are the Top 10 reasons you need to register today.

2014 and the Future of Long-Term Care Planning

…..Flying in the face of conventional wisdom is a personal trait I’m quite proud of. So when I suggest that the best days of long-term care planning are ahead of us, I’m not just whistling past the graveyard.