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Lest We Forget ….

…..As I look back on our past successes, the one that stands out is the 10-pay corporate carve-out sale for owners of small companies. In an environment of increased income taxes, what better way can a business man or woman protect their personal assets with tax-deductible premiums and tax-free benefits?

What’s Your Entry Point?

….When discussing long-term care planning with your prospect, should you show them every possible product option? NO! You’ll confuse them and yourself. With all these new choices, suitability is the key driver and will primarily be based on what stage in life your prospect is and their “entry point” in the planning process.

When Insurance Is More Important Than Ever

As I head towards my celebration of the Jewish New Year (5769) it is difficult not to take today?s financial [...]

Call It Multi-Life, Call It Worksite, But STOP CALLING IT GROUP!

First I want to thank those of you who joined us on April 29th for our Prudential Long-Term Care Insurance [...]

The Key Is Three!

While I do believe that the best days of long-term care insurance sales success are in sight, I look back [...]

Help The Client Feel The Pain and Then Shut-Up!

One of our most loquacious brokers, Steve, came into the office to order some proposals and pick-up some applications.  He related [...]

Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Increases on Policies We Sell Today ? How Big of a Problem is This Rea

I appreciate the concerns that many consumers and agents have regarding future rate increases on the long-term care insurance policies [...]

Beware of the Amazing Vanishing Insurance Benefit

In May 2006 California Broker published an article that I co-authored with a colleague who specializes in disability income protection coverage. [...]

The Undecided Vote

Are you interpreting ?MAYBE? as ?NO??  According to the 2007 AHIP/LifePlans 15-Year Study of  Long-Term Care Buyers & Non-Buyers 56% of non-buyers, people who [...]

O.K. Let Me Explain AGAIN!

AARP recently reported an unimaginable dearth of understanding when it comes to what American Baby Boomers don?t understand about long-term care?  In fact, [...]