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2014 Sprint Through the Finish LIne

….If you only need one reason to join us for our October sales training meetings keep reading. Long-term care planning is being transformed by life insurance policies with chronic illness-long-term care benefits. As estimated by the Society of Actuaries, 30% of life insurance policies already cover chronic illness. From a premium perspective, they are the fastest growing product segment in the world of long-term care planning.

Field Guide to Long-Term Care Planning Success is HERE!

……Version 1 of our new Long-Term Care Planning Field Guide is now available to lead you to sales success.

What’s Your Entry Point?

….When discussing long-term care planning with your prospect, should you show them every possible product option? NO! You’ll confuse them and yourself. With all these new choices, suitability is the key driver and will primarily be based on what stage in life your prospect is and their “entry point” in the planning process.

So What’s on Your Mind?

….One of the highlights of our Thought Leaders Symposium will be the interactive nature of the event. Formal presentations by our speakers will only be about 25 percent of time spent. The balance will be Q & A between the speakers, panel moderators, and you. As I design my questions for our presenters, what are some issues that I have in mind?

2014 and the Future of Long-Term Care Planning

…..Flying in the face of conventional wisdom is a personal trait I’m quite proud of. So when I suggest that the best days of long-term care planning are ahead of us, I’m not just whistling past the graveyard.

Tax Free, Tax Deductible & Easy Issue — It Doesn’t Get Any Simpler

…..Many business owners renewed their group health plans early this year to mitigate the negative impacts of ACA. Now what are they thinking about? TAX PLANNING! That’s right! Now we need to think about taking advantage of every legal tax break at our disposal. I do have some good news in this regard. Traditional long-term care insurance IS the last great deduction for business owners.

LTCi Sales Success is Just a Mouse Click Away — Online Applications Are Here!

…NOW, in California, Texas and most other states you can utilize LifeSecure’s online application process. This means you can sell high quality LTCi over the phone, complete the application online and never touch a piece of paper.

Mid-Summer Webcast Gives Agents a Competitive Advantage

Forewarned is forearmed in long-term care insurance underwriting and that’s why you don’t want to miss our August 20, 2013 Webcast. I’ve invited four senior underwriters from the top LTCi carriers, Genworth, John Hancock, LifeSecure and Mutual of Omaha to discuss the latest issues and trends in long-term care insurance underwriting …..

How Long Term Is Long-Term Care?

This is part of a series of Blogs and articles I will write over the coming months, so please let [...]

Small Group Long-Term Care Insurance Has Never Been Better

….Agents that embrace these new choices will do well by their clients, can add significantly to their revenue flow and assure themselves vested renewal commissions. Products available to the small employer will require agents to adapt and rethink how they position long-term care insurance for business owners and their employees but I guarantee that it will be worth your while.