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Long-Term Care Plannning for People Who Failed to Plan

….One thing is certain; when your phone rings and the client WANTS long-term care insurance, it’s often too late to help them with traditional product options. Or, when you get the call asking if you can still get coverage for their mom or dad because they just moved them into a care facility, your heart sinks.

Profitable Long-Term Care Insurance Sales

…..Doesn’t it make sense to put the HORSE IN FRONT OF THE CART by getting basic vital health information from the prospect before a proposal is presented? Who wants unpleasant surprises after the fact? The process will go much smoother, everyone’s valuable time will not be wasted and selling long-term care insurance becomes a profitable endeavor.

Producer Assist Comes to BJFIM

…. We have hundreds of agents and advisors in California who are eligible for Producer Assist. We will make every effort to reach out to you in a timely manner. However, if you’d like priority status, please email me and we will move you to the top of the list. We want to help those first who are eager to improve their bottom lines.

Aggregation of Marginal Gains — The 1% Difference

…The key take-away of this concept is that you don’t have to make big changes to achieve new levels of success. Small incremental upgrades to your thinking, habits and business offering can add up to major increases in your bottom line.

“He That Lives Upon Hope Will Die Fasting”

…with profit margins being squeezed due to the demands and changes in the medical insurance world it is vital for you to maximize and leverage each client relationship.

Starting the Long-Term Care Planning Conversation

….Do you need to be a long-term care insurance specialist to speak effectively with your clients about planning for the risk? Not at all. It isn’t hard to make long-term care planning your second, third or fourth language.

2014 Sprint Through the Finish LIne

….If you only need one reason to join us for our October sales training meetings keep reading. Long-term care planning is being transformed by life insurance policies with chronic illness-long-term care benefits. As estimated by the Society of Actuaries, 30% of life insurance policies already cover chronic illness. From a premium perspective, they are the fastest growing product segment in the world of long-term care planning.

Field Guide to Long-Term Care Planning Success is HERE!

……Version 1 of our new Long-Term Care Planning Field Guide is now available to lead you to sales success.

What’s Your Entry Point?

….When discussing long-term care planning with your prospect, should you show them every possible product option? NO! You’ll confuse them and yourself. With all these new choices, suitability is the key driver and will primarily be based on what stage in life your prospect is and their “entry point” in the planning process.

So What’s on Your Mind?

….One of the highlights of our Thought Leaders Symposium will be the interactive nature of the event. Formal presentations by our speakers will only be about 25 percent of time spent. The balance will be Q & A between the speakers, panel moderators, and you. As I design my questions for our presenters, what are some issues that I have in mind?