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Is There Gender Discrimination in Long-Term Care Insurance?

……Gender specific pricing is a change, not the end of the world. Some will pay more others may pay less. The real opportunity is in those states that have not experienced this and other recent pricing adjustments. California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, New York and the District of Columbia have not yet instituted gender specific premiums. If you have single female clients in these states now is the time to get them the pricing advantage of unisex rates.

Mid-Summer Webcast Gives Agents a Competitive Advantage

Forewarned is forearmed in long-term care insurance underwriting and that’s why you don’t want to miss our August 20, 2013 Webcast. I’ve invited four senior underwriters from the top LTCi carriers, Genworth, John Hancock, LifeSecure and Mutual of Omaha to discuss the latest issues and trends in long-term care insurance underwriting …..

Is 5% Compound Inflation A Myth?

The Third Rail of American of politics is Social Security reform. In long-term care insurance 5% compound inflation protection holds a similar position…

How Long Term Is Long-Term Care?

This is part of a series of Blogs and articles I will write over the coming months, so please let [...]

The FAQ of the Day — Is It Safe To Sell/Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?

….So you tell me; which is less safe? Having long-term care insurance or not? Talking to your prospects and clients about long-term care planning or not? No one solution is right for all and often times the solution we propose isn’t perfect. But we can’t let “The Perfect” be the enemy of “The Good”.

No Chicken Little, Rain Can Be A Good Thing, Just Take An Umbrella!

… Our job is to help clients manage risk with the best insurance products money can purchase at the time. We need to be careful on their behalf but we can’t let ourselves to be timid. Insurance agents have a choice. They can allow the winds of adversity to knock them off course or they can, like the king in the parable of Chicken Little, provide valuable umbrellas to their clients to sheild them from the storm.

If I Were To Design A Long-Term Care Insurance Product ……

….LifeSecure, now available in California (and most other states), is a “sleeper” in the long-term care insurance industry. A wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, LifeSecure offers a simplified product design at a very affordable price. Check out how FEW decision points agents and consumers have to consider when purchasing the LifeSecure product:

LTCi for Small Employers Groups Is Back!

The good news is that two new small group products have burst onto the California scene in the past 30 days. (They are also available in other states.) These options will provide employers groups as small as three lives with discounts and underwriting concessions.

Long-Term Care Insurance Industry Update — July 2012

As the world of long-term care insurance changes, opportunities abound……

Another Tough Week for Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance

…..Consumers who have purchased Prudential long-term care insurance in recent years and those currently with applications in process should consider themselves fortunate. They had the foresight to purchase one of the most cost-effective LTCi products of recent memory.