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Los Angeles Times Admits “Omission” (sort of) and Other Important LTCi Industry News

….A number of you responded to my Blog and I’m sure even more of you wrote or called the Times about this omission and other inaccuracies in the David Lazarus article. Neither the paper nor the author could bring themselves to apologize to California consumers for misinforming them. If you or I made this many errors in a client presentation, we’d be sued for malpractice.

Feeling the Ill Effects of Bad Reporting

…Lazarus styles himself as a business reporter, but his article on LTCi rate increases is short on facts and long on his bias towards government-run anything. He starts his “editorial” by criticizing proponents of free-market solutions and closes with the “probing” question/comment “Could the government have done a better job …. it couldn’t have done worse”. Mr. Lazarus, have you looked at the Affordable Care Act lately?

The Riddle of the Sphinx — Part I

….what’s the latest puzzle that I get to solve for you? Which long-term care planning solution is best suited to a specific prospect’s needs?

So What’s on Your Mind?

….One of the highlights of our Thought Leaders Symposium will be the interactive nature of the event. Formal presentations by our speakers will only be about 25 percent of time spent. The balance will be Q & A between the speakers, panel moderators, and you. As I design my questions for our presenters, what are some issues that I have in mind?

Top 10 Reasons to Register Today for The 2014 LTCi Thought Leaders Symposium

….We invite you to meet some of the most influential long-term care insurance industry leaders on January 30 at our 2014 LTCi Thought Leaders Symposium. Here are the Top 10 reasons you need to register today.

2014 and the Future of Long-Term Care Planning

…..Flying in the face of conventional wisdom is a personal trait I’m quite proud of. So when I suggest that the best days of long-term care planning are ahead of us, I’m not just whistling past the graveyard.

Tax Free, Tax Deductible & Easy Issue — It Doesn’t Get Any Simpler

…..Many business owners renewed their group health plans early this year to mitigate the negative impacts of ACA. Now what are they thinking about? TAX PLANNING! That’s right! Now we need to think about taking advantage of every legal tax break at our disposal. I do have some good news in this regard. Traditional long-term care insurance IS the last great deduction for business owners.

Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water!

……here’s the point: rate increases or not the solution is not to throw up our hands and refuse to sell UL or LTCi any longer. People rely on us to help them mitigate the serious risks they face. Consumers understand what the low interest rate environment has done to their savings and investments. Explain it in those terms and, if necessary, adjust their coverage to coincide with the new reality.

The Federal Commission on LTC Report to Congress — What Does It Tells Us about the Path Forward?

…..Maybe the only good thing about the now-dead Class Act is that an outcome of its repeal was the creation of the Federal Commission on Long-Term Care. Generally, no one pays much attention to these reports and the recommendations they make. Anyone remember the 2010 National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility (Simpson-Bowles)?

LTCi Sales Success is Just a Mouse Click Away — Online Applications Are Here!

…NOW, in California, Texas and most other states you can utilize LifeSecure’s online application process. This means you can sell high quality LTCi over the phone, complete the application online and never touch a piece of paper.